9 Logistics Management Software to Use in 2023 Features + Benefits

Industry outsiders see logistics as the flow of things from the manufacturer or seller to the customers. RoadWarrior offers both a mobile app for drivers and the RoadWarrior Flex plan for dispatchers, making it suitable for both individuals and businesses alike. The mobile app is very similar to the Flex plan, as it allows you to plan a route with up to 200 stops. The advanced AI camera and fleet management systems from Samsara allow you to track your driver’s actions to avoid any future liabilities.

  • However, deciding which courier software can impact the success of your business is a comprehensive process.
  • Include unlimited custom fields and adjust the template to your needs.
  • Companies that manage the warehousing and delivery of freight need stronger warehouse and inventory features.
  • This company uses its supply chain management software to integrate and automate various shipping solutions.
  • Access location, job status, performance metrics, and engine condition with a real-time GPS fleet tracking system.

Enroll in our National Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium for $5 a month per driver . Experience simplicity with instant Electronic Federal Chain of Custody Forms for DOT drug and alcohol testing, a USDOT-compliant customized Workplace DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing ePolicy. Our partnership with Quest Diagnostics provides you access to thousands of Quest, in-network and non-preferred testing locations across the United States. You can also manage legal filings such as UCR, BOC-3, Biennial updates and more. MagicLogic Optimization Inc. offers software for load planning, cartonization, and palletization. Cube-IQ, MagicLogic’s load optimization program of the highest quality, covers more operational requirements than any other software.


1.6) ClickPost offers integrations with 120+ logistics companies in India and across the globe, like FedEx, DHL, and Blue Dart. Manages purchase orders and supply levels, tracking the on-hand, allocated and ordered quantities along with historical and trend information for forecasting purposes. Supports order fulfillment, warehouse control and supplier sourcing. We like NetSuite for its advanced features, extensive customization, and powerful integrations.

With 28+ years of experience in the technology industry, Rakesh is a subject matter expert in building simple solutions for day-to-day problems. He loves sharing his thoughts on eliminating delivery management challenges via blogs. Shippabo is an all-in-one supply chain management software that is great for businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features, including cost management, stock keeping unit -level visibility, trade services, loose container load and ocean freight services.

Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics

However, first, you must be aware of what your priority concerns are for your business. The services of shipping and courier software will address these issues. In case your priority is to ensure customers receive real-time updates or reduce RTO%, your choice of courier delivery software would accordingly specialize in the same.

It does not enable the identification of delivery exceptions and enhances the delivery experience. 14.2) The platform also offers other software integrations like with accounting channel QuickBooks and numerous ERP systems. 14.1) ParcelPerform is integrated with 50+ logistics companies in addition to online selling channels like Shopify and Squarespace. Both implementation and onboarding of ParcelLab are simplified processes. 13.3) ParcelLab’s software focuses on the operations experience provided by every e-commerce business.


Even if logistics software manages your shipments, your delivery operations and last-mile delivery are both opportunities to make the best impression, leading to repeat customers and recommendations. The Essentials plan offers the basics, letting you optimize your routes, track drivers in real time, and integrate with other software using Circuit for Teams API. retail logistics software Logistics management software can automate many aspects of your business and help you manage complex processes. Here are some reasons you may want to consider digitized logistics solutions. If you have an agile team whose requirements aren’t met by the tools analyzed in this guide, we have also evaluated the best project management software for agile teams.

What are the top logistics software

13 minute read 9 Best Dispatch Software for Delivery Companies in 2023 The right dispatch software can streamline your dispatch process to save time and money. We write regular articles that help drivers and businesses become better at all things delivery. Managing customer returns can be a huge pain for businesses, but it’s also an important aspect of the customer experience. One reviewer with no previous inventory experience claimed this software streamlined the learning curve for them.

What is Transportation and Logistics Software?

B2B content writer with a keen interest in educating industry leaders on how leveraging technology can solve many business problems. We talk a lot about last mile delivery, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of order fulfillment in the modern world. Leadership, experience, and a unified vision of where the company is headed. Helps me know how fast my crews are moving through their lists and lets me know what they get done so I know who and how to bill. I don’t like the fact that once I start the route, I can delete a name from the address book, but it still keeps it in the route.

What are the top logistics software

Once you figure out the shipping needs and the budget for shipping software, you can finalize certain vital features for your shipping partner. Take a look at all the different features the transportation management system offers in other regions. You will also have to consider the customer engagement and experience features to ensure your delivery experience is not hampered. As your eCommerce business grows, different issues become more visible, and each needs to be addressed. Shipping software can help address these issues in a streamlined manner.

Supplier Chain Management Software by Intelex

Many parts of this process had to be manually carried out, slowing down the entire delivery process. With logistics management software, the process is automated and quick. With the help of services provided by courier management software, you can expect to receive the following positive outcomes. The first is almost immediately after implementing shipping management software.

Outsourcing is normal and the ability to come up with strategic associations with partners who are knowledgeable is not only a competitive advantage but a best practice of an established industry. Lots of enterprises team up with 3PL companies who work closely with conventional parcel carriers including UPS and FedEx. A business will be more productive if interactions with their partners operate smoothly. Most logistics Sofware have integrated the real-time tracking feature, so you’ll be able to view the shipment easily and take any required action if the shipment is delayed.

Easily manage deliveries and drivers

Logiwa offers walking path optimization that maps the best pick-up and stocking path for warehouse employees. Moreover, the smart picking jobs group similar pick-up https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ items and multiple item orders, all while prioritizing your preset management rules. Now, here are some key features that your logistics software needs to have.

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