Remote Customer Service Agent: Responsibilities, Skills, Salary, and Jobs

Like many companies, they sent their 12,000 customer support employees home to work in the midst of the pandemic. This meant a team of IT staffers had to dismantle call center offices, sanitize equipment, and mail it to their support agents’ homes. When your support team works remotely, they may be out of sight, but hiring needs are likely far from out of mind. When you have access to robust call center data, it’s easy to see when caller wait times are getting too long or when agents are generally struggling to keep up with demand.

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Nurture and grow your business with customer relationship management software. Leave your email below and a member of our team will personally get in touch to show you how Fullview can help you solve support tickets in half the time. Read on to learn more about this modern approach to customer support. 🤳Smart phone, Android tablet or iPad is required for program work, along with an authentication app. Once you have joined our community of remote customer care contractors, you will have exclusive access to view all open contracts. Elevate your service delivery and work on your own terms with our digital therapy platform and teletherapy career opportunities.

Credentials for landing a remote customer service job

Training on the company’s specific platforms and processes is usually provided. Learn how to get a remote customer service job, the required skills, experience, and qualifications, as well as how to search for one. When deciding whether to use remote or on-site customer support, it really depends on the needs of your business. Remote support is usually more cost-effective and can provide customers with a better experience than on-site support. However, in some cases, having an employee available in person may be beneficial for resolving complex issues that require additional help.

  • This meant a team of IT staffers had to dismantle call center offices, sanitize equipment, and mail it to their support agents’ homes.
  • Hire the most competitive and talented workforce anywhere in the world.
  • Other language fluency can be a big bonus—just make sure that you know any of the technical terms you might need before you claim fluency to a hiring manager.
  • She has written for a number of online publications about workplace issues, including The Muse and ProfessionalGal.
  • Occasionally message an employee to see how they’re doing or offer to grab a virtual cup of coffee with them.

We’ve highlighted several of those below, starting with three companies that will hire you as an employee and pay for benefits. We’ve included in these one well-advertised site that we suggest you avoid. Know that most independent contractor sites pay by the minute, so their “hourly” pay equivalents should be viewed with a grain of salt.

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Then, there are savings on related costs such as office supplies, furniture, and utilities. Employees, too, can save on costs related to commuting and work-related activities. Yes, you want to be productive and yes, you want to stay focused, but just because you are working remotely doesn’t mean you have to work 24/7.

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If you call or email a customer service department, there is a good possibility that the person you’re connecting with is working remotely. Many companies hiring for remote customer service opportunities have virtual departments to save on overhead costs and provide flexibility to workers. As a remote customer service agent, you’ll need access to a phone system, computer, high-speed internet, and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. Employers usually provide equipment essential to the role, but this isn’t always the case. Some companies may provide an allowance for using your equipment.

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One of the biggest is hiring the type of employees who excel in remote work environments. While you may lose some of the interpersonal advantages of an office space, there are ways to help correct for that. Rebecca Andruszka is a virtual remote worker living in Denver, CO. She has written for a number of online publications about workplace issues, including The Muse and ProfessionalGal.

If you want to succeed in a work-from-home customer service position, you need to give yourself the right tools. These must-have resources range from the latest support software to an office chair that keeps you comfortable. For people hoping to break into a home-based customer service job for the first time, there are a lot of unknowns about how to find the right job and manage this newfound freedom. HubSpot’s Implementation Consultants work on the customer onboarding team to lead customers to success using HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, and Service software. You’ll use a customer-first mindset to make expert recommendations, all from the comfort of your remote location. Many companies hire individuals to specialize in this type of outbound calling.

Remote workers should be trained in how to personalize each customer interaction. A company’s values should be reflected in managerial attitudes and ways of working. If possible, offline meetups can be organized to spread the same. Online break-the-ice sessions, informal discussions, and group activities should be planned. We have already mentioned the Stanford study related to how remote working boosts productivity.

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